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Where to claim the prizes?

The location to claim the prize is highly dependent on the amount of prize in your ticket. Therefore you can try to search in the table we give so you can determine on where to claim the prize you win.

What is the time I can claim the prize after I win the draw?

The prizes for the winning person can be claimed a day after the draw, please be notice however it needs to be the next business day and not weekend or holiday

Can I claim the prizes that after 6 month have passed?

The answer is no, it is because all of the prizes that does not get claimed after 6 month will go to the treasury department which cannot be claimed afterwards. The time for expiring prizes it is 6 month or 181 days after the draw has been taken, so please be careful and claim the prize more quickly.

What items I need to bring to claim the prizes?

In order to claim the prizes, you must prepare some of these items including your identity cards, passports and of course the original winning ticket to serve as prove of your winning

Please be notice that winning ticket is need to be considered valid for you to claim the prizes and it means you need to satisfied a certain condition as we briefly explained bellow.

  • The winning ticket is printed on genuine paper that are supplied by the Lagos Corporation Pte Ltd.
  • The winning ticket is eligible, clear and all of the particular can be read.
  • The winning ticket particular is identical with the electronic copy that are kept in the system of the company.
  • The winning ticket must been issued from MBS Corporation Pte Ltd and its legal agent.
  • There are no signs of alteration and tampered or defacing to the winning tickets.
  • The ticket is not being canceled according to the official computer records.
  • The ticket has not been claimed according to the official computer records.
  • The ticket has not been expired which means it is still within the 6 months or exactly 181 days of expiration time.
  • Ticket needs to pass the company security checks.
  • Finally the ticket needs to pass all of the requirements before it can be claimed as a prize according to the company regulations and rules.

Can the prize still be claimed if the ticket is not eligible or have been torn and smeared?

Apparently, the claims can only be taken if the tickets has been satisfies the above condition which means an illegible ticket that have been torn or smeared with not be entertained. However, on your discretion if the company can attempt to validate the prize if indeed the ticket has been satisfied the other condition and regulations set by the company. This means it is not a canceled ticket and claimed ticket.

Can I claim the prize when I lose my winning ticket?

The simple answer is no, it is because the rules and regulation for the winner to claim their prize is to give real proof of the winning ticket of the 4D game and jackpot. This means a person who claims to win the prizes and claim that they are losing the proof of their winning will not be able to claim the prize at any means.

What is the prize form, cheque or cash?

The prizes that are up to $5,000 will be paid in a form of cash while the prize above $5,000 will be paid in cheque form. This is however can change if the agents have enough cash payment for the prizes that are above $5,000 if the agents have enough cash in the outlets.

Do prize subjects or influenced by our own income tax?

The answer is no, all of the prize are exempted from your own personal income tax